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Finally, it is done. André Meisner will give birth to his Kreatur on Friday, 28th of September. Visualitätenkabinett Erika will do the best she might to help it see the light of day.

Kreatur CD-Release: Grammatikoff, Duisburg, DE.

Watch Teasers and Promo-Video here:

Teaser (de):

Teaser (de):

Promo-Video (de, en-sub):


Bassnectar’s official video “Ugly” by David Dutton. Nicely edited timelapses and loads of “bass faces” (some might prefer the term “mushroom faces”…). There even is a bass face photo contest! Check out for more on his latest release “Vava Voom” and, of course, information about the grimace pic thing. Happy girning!