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SUS001: Archie Pelago, ‘Hall of Human Origins’ EP
September 24th, 2013
12″ / Digital


Dear FM-Synthians, here’s a new track by dubstep pioneer Skream. Unfortunately he felt the need to stain it with audio-tags. Nevertheless worth an ear or two, this track offers loads of nasty gnarlings in an otherwise reduced environment. A true banger.

Release of the week: Sirkri’s impressive experimental production is available through bandcamp since monday. A preview-track has been dropped to soundcloud the week before:

Kicks and Licks turn back time in this wonky, funky dubstep track. Free Download available from soundcloud:

Their current EP-release “Way Too Loud” is sold through beatport.

FM-Freak vs. FM-Freaks. Remix:


Detboi Darkside Preview forthcoming on DEEP THRILLS, whats started of as a demo based soundtrack to cut up videos has now been turned into a 9 track LP. Listen and hope you enjoy. Something fresh for 2012.

Here’s the original videos

Darkside / Thoughts

Stay With Me / What Will We Do

Lockdown / Strutter