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Finally, it is done. André Meisner will give birth to his Kreatur on Friday, 28th of September. Visualitätenkabinett Erika will do the best she might to help it see the light of day.

Kreatur CD-Release: Grammatikoff, Duisburg, DE.

Watch Teasers and Promo-Video here:

Teaser (de):

Teaser (de):

Promo-Video (de, en-sub):


the OUT OF THE BOX audiovisual experience vol. XII – watch the official Trailer:


2012.Mai.03, 20h

Café Steinbruch
Lotharstraße 318-320 (Naehe Uni)
D-47057 Duisburg

We are happy to announce Out of the Box’s first gig in 2012. The Out of the Box audiovisual experience will goosebump your cerebral cortex for the eleventh time at a phenomenally styled but totally unpolished, great tiny venue called goldengrün (right, goldengreen that is). Check their nice Website for Information and Inspiration. The cute old-school-wallpaper-style is what you should expect from a visit.

As long as you are not so much of the faint-hearted kind, this visit should must happen next friday, period. Adress below Flyer or on the forementioned website goldengrü Starting time is possibly much later, please expect us to lighten up our box for you at 22hours. Guest is two persons this time, electric_id will cramp themselves behind the front-screen of our box with us.

Out of the Box Vol. IX - Flyer

goldengrün: Realschulstrasse 10, 47051 Duisburg

Fr. 24.02.2012 Out of the Box LIVE

In case you are of the faint-hearted, but managed to get through this post somehow, we recommend the day after friday (which is saturday) to go off the air with Funk’n’Soul DJ Señor45. Saturday, 25.02.2012, same place.

Sideways to the Out of the Box Vol. X performance on friday, a visit in a deprecated house aroused us to…


Out of the Box Vol. X is the last episode of season one. This is the last chance to experience the old-school Out of the Box performance at 1st floor, Medien-Bunker Marxloh, on FRIDAY, 25. NOV. 2011.
The official trailer will be released tommorrow, in the meantime You may enjoy the inerts of our Vimeo-channel:

the OUT OF THE BOX audiovisual experience Vol. IX at Beat im Bunker will feature Tim Heinrich (orchestral) and take place on Sept. 30 2011 at 1st floor – Medien-Bunker Marxloh.

Our trailer, edited by Ralf (thx to Halil and Pia for great camera work – look out for the mirror-shot at 1:15!):

Our Out of the Box website has matured and will be launched soon, alongside with a blog in german language. Expect them to go online within two weeks, announcement will follow.
The mentioned website will offer periodic releases of audiovisual live recordings for free. In advance of the actual site, we now present our first release, an excerpt from Out of the Box Vol.III from Sept.30.2010.

So long, Erika

LIVE: the OUT OF THE BOX audiovisual experience #3.1 from Visualitätenkabinett Erika on Vimeo.

…we thought, it would be nice to post something, although Erika is on sort of a summer vacation.

Actually she is not, recent times were and still are dominated by progress. Ralf fiddles around with massive changes in recent versions of VDMX. At least these changes are more than welcome and the new core-i-macbook brings in an enormous performance-boost also, so it is pretty much fun. Avenue still runs great on the core2. CoGe goes commercial, for now we will stick with the old Beta v3.

Our beloved project “Out of the Box” matures. The rare combination of avantgarde electronic music and real-footage based visual compositing with highest degree of improvisation on both sides has long left its experimental stage. So we took some time with our fellow boxers to find ourselves and get things clear. We now define “Out of the Box” as a combo, a project besides Visualitätenkabinett Erika, Mustermann etc.. We will no longer call it a jam-session, as a jam-style-jam-session accidentally took place and we did not find it to be the performance we should offer and you would expect (attending musicians were great, that’s not the point). It will still be loads of Jazz and Impro, but it will be “Out of the Box” plus guest only. We are working on a proper CI and web presentations, official launch will be announced here.

In the last months, most of our time has been consumed by broadcast works and everyday-projects, of course. Most interesting to you music lovers are two videoclips:

Released on the sixth of July, a Hip-Hop track by Oliver Lutz featuring german-turkish comedian Fatih Çevikkollu is part of a camapaign for moral courage, led by NRW department of transport and the transport companies around. Clip edited and stylized by Sven. Watch at the end of this post.

Last week we published “Mein Europa“, based on a tune by italo-german singer/songwriter (and gorgeous drummer, btw.) Giuseppe Mautone. The Clip is an answer to the “Euro Crisis Song” the Guardian made public recently, which was an idea of Christian Finzel (member of “Out of the Box” and gorgeous guitarist, btw.). Our #1 Photographer at Medien-Bunker Marxloh, Rainer Kzonsek, brought few, but captivating shots from a huge demo in Barcelona some two weeks ago. With music and footage like that, Sven had a walk-over in editing a story. Have a look at the outcomings at the end of this post.

Last, but – at least felt – not least we are glad to announce a new project called “Erika und der Bass”. Expect some exquisitly grimy, glitchy, groovy music and clip releases in the near future. It will be our pleasure to meet all of your ear- and eye-candy needs with our upcoming record, clip and performance novelties.

So long, Erika.

“Bilanz” – Hip-Hop:

“Mein Europa” by Giuseppe Mautone:

Out of the Box at Beat im Bunker

Back again,

we are looking forward to the next Out of the Box – session

Electronic Jazz and Visual impro performed by Mustermann and Visualitätenkabinett Erika.

Guest: Peter Nagy (Vibraphone)

date: thu 2011/03/31

location: 1st floor Medien-Bunker Marxloh – Johannismarkt 18, 47169 Duisburg-Marxloh