To be honest, Anders Trentemøller’s work has become a bit greasy since “The Last Resort” (except for some house jumpers, all right). The upcoming single “My Dreams” is melancholic, but fortunately misses most of the drippyness we did not like too much. Michael Schwanenflügel made a vintage-styled, kind of classic music video with stage and tour footage for the track:


While waiting on their next release “In Our Hands”, Hot Chip comes up with a surreal Video for the album’s first single “Night & Day”. You might also notice some celebrity appearances…

A love story for bright summer days. Hand drawn animation, projection mapped to the walls of São Paulo, then shot with an SLR. Nice and inspiring work. Only complaint would be about the background music. We can mute this and play our faves instead, the video is not tightly edited to the sound.

Fortunately, there also is a making of:

Bassnectar’s official video “Ugly” by David Dutton. Nicely edited timelapses and loads of “bass faces” (some might prefer the term “mushroom faces”…). There even is a bass face photo contest! Check out for more on his latest release “Vava Voom” and, of course, information about the grimace pic thing. Happy girning!

Kicks and Licks turn back time in this wonky, funky dubstep track. Free Download available from soundcloud:

Their current EP-release “Way Too Loud” is sold through beatport.

Kyle Evans performs on a CRT-TV-housed Controller with innate visualisation capabilities. This built is an open-source project, info and tutorials on hacking CRTs can be found on Documentation of this specific project is still in progress. In the meantime visit Evans de/Rastra-project-page on this.

FM-Freak vs. FM-Freaks. Remix:


Detboi Darkside Preview forthcoming on DEEP THRILLS, whats started of as a demo based soundtrack to cut up videos has now been turned into a 9 track LP. Listen and hope you enjoy. Something fresh for 2012.

Here’s the original videos

Darkside / Thoughts

Stay With Me / What Will We Do

Lockdown / Strutter

the OUT OF THE BOX audiovisual experience vol. XII – watch the official Trailer:


2012.Mai.03, 20h

Café Steinbruch
Lotharstraße 318-320 (Naehe Uni)
D-47057 Duisburg

Well done, says Erika: Sven Feller’s homepage is up and running. It has a thoroughly made unperfect look and is one of the nicer side-scrolling pages out there, or what? Although it is a german site, you do not want to miss to check, especially the portfolio “after scroll two”.

Screenshot: - screenshot - portfolio