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Well done, says Erika: Sven Feller’s homepage is up and running. It has a thoroughly made unperfect look and is one of the nicer side-scrolling pages out there, or what? Although it is a german site, you do not want to miss to check, especially the portfolio “after scroll two”.

Screenshot: - screenshot - portfolio


Launch of the website OUT OF THE BOX is delayed. We will need another week or two. A Blog will be launched alongside, which will feature loads of reports, interviews and behind-the-scenes stuff around the OUT OF THE BOX audiovisual experience as well as live-looping, compositing and fx things – both visual and audial.

In the meantime we present another recording from our fourth edition. Less fancy, more silent, more abstract, more Jazz:

As this is a year old improvisation, this would look and sound completely different today. And different next week, too. The current week’s performance was a great success for us, as Tim Heinrich’s orchestral sounds (and other…, he also brought his Virus) fitted in great and we probably played “our best first half ever”. Perhaps we will drop playing second halves and extend the first up to feature-length. Hopefully audiences bear up… 😉

Strong and weird the experience to have our musicians playing BEHIND the back-projection-screen was. Musical reactions on the visuals were extremely tight. The effects on the audience also seemed pretty intense to us, but the most baffling thing actually was: the musicians started talking about what they do after a period of 15 minutes or so. In ways and quantity that was far beyond it used to happen vis á vis an audience, but was very entertaining, indeed. It was kind of a forget-the-camera-effect we know from long, situative interviews. We could use more of that, to give away more of the improvisational concept whilst playing. We will audit the audience about their opinion.

New ideas coming up next time, don’t miss!


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The piece has been reviewed, allright. And there are some Fotos and Videos on the internet You might be interested in if You like our work:

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We hope to find more, so check back!