Visualitätenkabinett Erika is specialised to conceptual, story-telling live compositing, (audio-)visual installations and live visuals for speech, live music and theatre productions. Erika does not play club-nights, sorry DJs.

If you would like Erika to support, sidekick, make look huge or otherwise be part of your event;

Else if you would like Erika to collaborate in an audiovisual or theatrical project;

Else if you would like Erika to conceptualise, preproduce and perform;

(End if) Then you may expect thematically consistent, reasoned av-art on your matter, strongly expressing or emphasising your predication.

Feel free to contact Erika via email, for booking requests please send a brief description of your project or event. If fits: a first rough copy is always free.

visualerika (at) svefel (dot) de

Infoblatt auf deutsch (pdf)